Story and vision

From planned obsolescence to planned permanence

It all started with two sweaty friends and a YouTube tutorial on how to sew. We didn't think the clothes we had were smart enough, so we made some that were better for playing in the Norwegian playground. All of a sudden we were a company.

See how:

Who are we?

We are made up of a few people who's background is not from the clothing industry. We have done a lot of other things, though, so we've become pretty good at challenging norms. It has to be done. This industry sucks, and new ideas are long overdue.

We are also normal people who don't have olympic medals or thousands of followers on Instagram. Our concepts are strong enough themselves and don't need a tired out celebrity to convince anyone.

Our company is owned by entrepreneurs, employees and customers. Together we have 50 owners where four are employees and the rest are customers. We're pretty proud of that!

What we believe in

We get to work every day ready to rethink the way we develop products for your playground. Zipwear™, local production and lifetime service are a few examples. And we're just getting started. The textile industry has seen very little development since the industrial revolution, and the losers are our planet and the workers living on pretty much slave salaries. Our ambition is to be bold and brave. Let's not pretend like everything is OK. Let's roll up our sleeves and get sh*t done!

Why the name Northern Playground?

Northern Playground is the playground where it all started: Norwegian mountains, forests and waters. It is where we found and continue to find inspiration. It is also a place that reminds us about how vulnerable nature is and how important it is to take care of.